Be an affiliate

Do you love A Creative Medley? Do you love sharing what you love? Do you love making a little pocket change? Become an affiliate today!

In simple terms – spread the word about A Creative Medley using your custom affiliate link (you will get an email when you are approved with all of the details) and when people click on your link, you will get 13% of anything they purchase within 7 days (as long as they use the same browser and don’t clear their cache/go incognito – we can’t control that part!)

A Few Things to Consider

  • Please familiarize yourself with the Federal Trade Commission rules about affiliate links – they take it seriously! You must disclose that you are an affiliate.
  • Be courteous and follow the rules wherever you post. Some Facebook groups allow affiliate posts, some do not.
  • Do not use photos from the website to advertise – they are the property of my testers and are not to be used by anyone else. Photos of your own stitchouts are the BEST way to inspire people – tell them why you love the design.
  • Do not hijack search engine searches – if you don’t know what this means, don’t worry, you aren’t doing it 🙂

The Details

  • The commission rate is 13% and applies to all DIGITAL items – that means that products like gift cards, tutoring or physical items will not be included.
  • Purchases made with store credit and gift cards are eligible for affiliate commissions.
  • Example, Person A clicks on your affiliate link and buys a gift card. No commission is paid on that purchase. They come back two days later and use that gift card to purchase a design. The commission IS paid on the design purchase.
  • Affiliate payments are paid monthly (45 days after purchases are made) with a minimum $10 payout. Your commissions will continue to accumulate until you reach the $10 minimum.
  • Please read the full Affiliate Terms and Conditions for all of the nitty gritty details

Sign Up!

You read the terms and conditions and you want to sign up to be an affiliate? You can do that in the Affiliate Area. That page will also be where you can track your stats after you are approved. Note, it asks for your website – if you do not have a website, just enter the site where you plan to advertise, for example or, etc.