Doodle Its FAQ

What are Doodle Its?

Doodle Its are essentially a stuffed coloring page. They stitch in one color and you can color them in with washable or permanent markers

Where can I get Doodle Its?

Sevens Emporium and Dreamcatcher Designs also have them – we collaborated together to give you lots of great choices

What Fabric Should I use for Doodle Its?

For the front anything with at least some cotton in it works well. 100% polyester (like fleece) will not absorb the ink and should not be used. Everyone has their own preference. I like to buy knit bedsheets and use those. Quilting cottons, twill, interlock, jersey and more have been successfully used. For the back, anything goes! Coordinate a cotton fabric with the theme, cozy fleece, match the front – whatever you like.

What Markers Should I Use?

If you want to be able to wash and reuse the Doodle It toy, use washable markers. If you want to keep it forever, use fabric markers.