Account and Site Questions

I just ordered a design and after I paid, I got a message saying that it had been removed from my cart and is no longer available for purchase. I already paid, why can’t I get it?

Short answer: Check your downloads – it is there. Longer answer: I have a plugin on my site that prevents you from accidentally purchasing the same design more than once. If you try to put a design that you previously purchased into your cart, it will not let you. If you were not logged in and put it into your cart, it will remove it and show you that message. Every once in a while, after you have paid, if you return to the cart page on the site quickly, it has not emptied your cart after the purchase, so you will see that message. Your purchase did go through and the design is in your downloads as usual. It is just preventing you from purchasing it again. I am on the lookout for a different plugin that will not be so confusing, but in the meantime, this is the only one available.

How do I download my designs?

Once your purchase is complete, you will get an email with a download link. You can also log into your account and download them on the My Downloads page.

I logged into my account, but the downloads aren’t there

There are two common times this will happen – the first is that your PayPal transaction was not completed. If it DID complete, it is almost always because there was a typo in your email address. In this case please use the Contact UsĀ form and include the order number that is included on your PayPal receipt. That will help me track it down and fix your account. Please note the response times indicated on the Contact Us form. I want you to have your files as quickly as possible, and respond to emails in the order received.

If you ordered designs with a misspelled email address and then create a new account with the correct one, your downloads will NOT be there. The computer has no way of knowing that they are supposed to be the same account.

I bought designs from you a long time ago, but the site doesn’t recognize my email address

We had a hard crash in May 2016 with no warning. All files and customer records were lost and we were not able to recover them. I do have email receipts for everything, so if you purchased something and need access to the design, please use the Contact Us form and I will get in touch with you about getting them to you.

I thought this was supposed to have directions, where are they?

In recent designs, I have started sorting each format into its own folder. In those files, the instructions will be in the folder called instructions. If you are looking at an older design with all of the files in one folder, sort your files by type and the PDF file will end up at either the top or the bottom, making it easy to find.

I tried opening the INF file for the instructions and it is just gibberish

The INF files are a machine file for certain Bernina models. Windows often marks them as text files, but they are not. The instruction files will always be a PDF file.

I accidentally purchased the same design twice. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Please send me the two order numbers so that I can confirm them (not that I don’t trust you, but the scammers make it so that I have to confirm everything). I am happy to send you another design of the same value or add a credit to your account for the amount of the most recent purchase.