Custom Signature Digitizing



You send a picture of a card, letter, wherever you have a signature that you would like turned into stitches and I will return a file in the size and format of your choice. In my example photo (used with permission) the customer’s grandmother signed all of her quilts with a hand embroidered signature. She sent me a picture and I sent her the file to make a lovely cover for her grandmother’s memorial service. Another popular use is for the memory pillows made from a person’s clothes. These projects are very special – a signature is so personal. I am honored to turn them into stitches.

Current turnaround time: 48 hours or less AFTER I RECEIVE ALL INFORMATION NEEDED – this is not an instant download as each design will be made custom for you

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: if these are not followed, your design may be delayed, so please read carefully!

Purchase this listing
Include this info in the notes to seller
A picture of the signature you want digitized
if there is any other text in the picture, what should be included (see note below about what is included in this listing)
the size you want the finished design to be – if you are fitting a specific hoop, please tell me what that hoop is
the format you want the design to be (PES, EXP, etc)
Please note: This listing is for a SIGNATURE. It may include a short sign off such as “Love,” “yours forever” etc. To have anything longer digitized, please contact me for a quote on price and turnaround time. Other popular items to have digitized are poems, recipes, etc. Price and turnaround will vary by project.