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Hello world

I should probably introduce myself here. My name is Ann and I have rarely met a craft I didn’t want to try! By day, you’ll find me homeschooling our 3 kids, taking care of 2 dogs and 2 ferrets and happily married to 1 great man. I am also working towards my Black Belt in Taekwondo. Whenever I have a chance, I’m in my sewing room or on the computer working on a new design.

I started sewing in my early 20s when I got a wild hair to learn quilting. Why, I have no idea, but I loved it. I am red/green colorblind, which has always made anything artistic a challenge, but with quilting, I could choose bright cheerful fabrics where the color was easy to see. I started venturing into decorative sewing and clothes after I had my first baby. When she was almost two and I was pregnant with my second daughter, I discovered machine embroidery. I saved up and bought a Brother 180-D in November 2004. I bought digitizing software not long after and was promptly in way over my head and set it aside for years but still loved my machine and eventually upgraded to a Babylock with a 5×7 hoop. Fast forward to 2011 and I was introduced to In the Hoop embroidery. Suddenly I had motivation to try again with the digitizing software because there were not very many ITH designs on the market at that time and for some reason it clicked! That was the beginning of my true crafty love – digitizing, particularly In the Hoop designs.