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Bags bags and more bags!

You may have noticed, I am a huge fan of In the Hoop Zipper Bags. I now have 2 HUGE sets of 23 bags each. They contain the same size bags, with a key difference. The basic stipple bags are lined and can be made with fabrics that will fray. They have no raw edges exposed inside or out. The Vinyl bags are optimized for use with printed vinyl. Printed vinyl is more delicate than the glitter or marine vinyl that we are used to stitching, and it tears more easily. These bags have the minimum necessary stitches and I tried several corner styles until I found the best shape to give a crisp corner without being bulky or tearing. These bags are NOT lined, they have raw edges on the inside and they stitch up in a flash. Both types of bags are also available in smaller sets if you prefer that option.

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