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How to transfer embroidery designs to an older embroidery machine

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What is PED Basic?

PED Basic is a card reader that allows you to transfer embroidery designs from your computer to an older Brother or Babylock embroidery machine (and a few newer ones).

Do I need a card reader?

If your embroidery machine has a USB port or can connect directly to your computer with a cord, you do not need a card reader. Cards were used to transfer designs before USB ports became common on embroidery machines. If you CANNOT use a USB stick or cord, your machine may have a slot that is approximately 2.5 inches tall for a card to be inserted. That is where the PED Basic comes in handy. I use one on my Babylock Ellure that is roughly 13 years old.

Where do I get a card reader?

I purchased mine on Amazon.

What else can I do with the PED Basic software?

You can size a design smaller by up to 10% and larger by up to 20%

Can I use it on Windows 10?

Yes. The card reader comes with a CD, but that is likely out of date. You can download the drivers and software directly from the Brother website.

Tip: My Windows Defender identified the software as malware and “helpfully” tried to quarantine it. I had to turn off Windows Defender to install and then turn it back on immediately after installing.

Can I use PED Basic on a Mac?

As far as I am aware, PED basic is Windows only. You could use it on a Mac if you use a Windows emulator like Boot Camp or Parallels.

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