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Friday Freebie November 10, 2017

There is a definite chill in the air, it must be time for Santa! Peekaboo Santa is new this week. He is also the Friday Freebie, which means that he is free with any purchase until end of day (US Central Time) tomorrow, Saturday November 11, 2017.

Add Peekaboo Santa and any other (not free) design to your cart and the cost will be taken off of the final price. Scroll all the way down to see it, it does not show up in the subtotal. If the Santa is not in your cart when you checkout, it will not be in your account, so make sure you add it to your cart!

Have a great weekend and stop over in the Facebook Group to show off some pictures of what you make!

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Friday Freebie and a new look!

I only have one new design this week, so the Friday Freebie was an easy choice! Meet Peekaboo Octopus – I would rate him an intermediate design. It goes very quickly because there are no appliques on the body, but there are 8 legs to add, which might make it a little intimidating if this is your first Peekaboo.

Add Peekaboo Octopus and any other (not free) design to your cart before Sunday, November 5 and a coupon will automatically be applied. Scroll all the way down to the final total – it is not reflected in the subtotal.

Have fun, and as always, I’d love to see pictures if you want to share!

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Use the Peekaboo Design to make a Lovie

Did you know that you can use all of those Peekaboo Designs you already own to make lovies? I am going to be releasing them as a separate design for those who want files for blankets and want it all set up for them, but if you want to use a pre-made blanket or have a blanket file from another design, you can actually use the Peekaboo files that you already have. I wrote up some instructions in case anyone is interested in hacking a bit. I actually think it is even easier than making a Peekaboo.

img_0690-3 img_6918

Download the instructions HERE: peekaboo_to_lovie_acm