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Rescue Dog Special Set

Rescue animals have been an excellent addition to my family for nearly 20 years. Many are like our little girl Lucy (black dog in the picture) – she was a family pet for a year and a half, but when they had a baby they decided that they didn’t want to deal with dog hair. She had a rough month bouncing from an Alabama shelter to rescue, then transported to Wisconsin, a foster home here and then she landed in her forever home with us. She approaches the world assuming that everyone adores her – and they usually do! Our most recent dog Sparky (brown dog in the picture) has had a tougher time of it. He came from a hoarding situation and as far as we can tell, he never met a kind human until he was rescued last year at almost 2 years old. It has been a big job teaching him that people are here to love him, not hurt him. We are making great progress and in our home he is a happy, CRAZY loving boy. He is the reason for this special set of designs. Last October, he suddenly started screaming in pain at random times. Our vet diagnosed him with a grade 3 luxating patella, which means that his right kneecap was sliding out of place and causing him severe pain. The only treatment was surgery by an orthopedic specialist. We scheduled it immediately and recovery was very rough, but ultimately, surgery was successful – making it worth every penny and every minute. Unfortunately, his other knee has developed the same problem. He had surgery on Thursday, March 28. He is my baby and not doing whatever is needed to get him back to his happy self is simply not an option – but it is a huge expense. I have created this set of 5 rescue themed designs and am selling the set for $5 to raise the funds for his surgery. If I am blessed enough to earn more than the costs associated with his surgery and recovery with this set, I will be donating any profit on the set above and beyond that to Brown Paws Rescue, the group that saved his life and works hard every day to save as many dogs as they can.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased so far – my heart is full! Some have asked how they can purchase more than one copy because the website does not allow duplicate purchases. You can use this Paypal Button to purchase additional copies. If you need me to email it to someone, please enter their email address in the notes box at checkout. DO NOT USE THE PAYPAL BUTTON TO PURCHASE THE DESIGN FOR YOURSELF – IT WILL NOT ADD THE DESIGNS TO YOUR ACCOUNT. This button is only to purchase additional copies as a gift for someone else or as a donation. To purchase for yourself, please use the links above or click here.

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