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Peekaboo Bunny got an upgrade!

Peekaboo Bunny was the very first of the Peekaboo friends. In the two years since he was released, I have heard from a lot of you about what would make him even better, so he has had an upgrade!

First, what you care most about – YES, previous purchases can get the updated version at no charge. Keep reading for the details about how.

What changed?

  • Each of the designs after the bunny have a step to tack the body fabric down before adding the face, feet, etc. This helps keep everything nice and smooth and prevents puckering and other mishaps. This has now been added to PAB bunny.
  • I have moved the placement and tackdown stitches just a smidge. In the past, if there was any puckering, sometimes those lines showed up just a little bit on the front of the bunny. That won’t happen anymore.
  • SATIN OUTLINES – this is the biggie that most of you have been waiting for! Yes, you can now use a full smooth satin stitch on his feet and ears, like you can on all of the others.
  • There was one change made very quickly after the bunny was released – originally both arms stitched in one step and then both ears. On machines with a lower foot clearance, moving back and forth across the hoop like that was causing the foot to get caught and pull the project out – not fun! As soon as I understood what was happening, I switched how it stitches out and that is no longer an issue and hasn’t been since a few days after the first release. If you have a version that does this, you DEFINITELY want to grab the updated file.

How do I get the updated file?

I anticipate hundreds of people wanting the updated version, so I need your help to get them out as quickly as possible.

  • If you purchased the bunny in or after May 2016, you are in luck! Just log into your account and the new version will be available in your downloads. You are looking for a file named
  • If you purchased it before May 2016 OR you purchased it on Etsy, I need your help. With the site crash in May 2016, accounts were wiped out. If you need access to designs you purchased before then, please contact me and I can restore them manually, one by one – not a fast or easy process, but I am willing to do it.
    • The fastest way to get the updated file is to find your email receipt from your original purchase and REPLY with a note that you want the updated file. If you do that, I can just reply to you with it attached. I will be working through these messages first to get the most people as quickly as I can.
    • If you do NOT have the email receipt, you can use the Contact Us link to send me a message with the name and email address you used as well as if it was purchased on the website or Etsy. I will have to search my email to confirm purchases – not that I don’t believe you, but a few scammers ruin it for everyone 🙁 This will take me much longer, so if you have either the email or a screen shot of your purchase information, you will get your file much faster.

I have a good chunk of time set aside to send out files over the next few days and will get them to you as quickly as humanly possible, please remember that I am one person helping as many as I can, as quickly as I can.

I don’t have this design! Where do I get it?!?

You can get your very own copy of the new and improved Peekaboo Bunny right HERE and make sure you check out the rest of his friends in the Peekaboos category.

9 thoughts on “Peekaboo Bunny got an upgrade!

  1. I would like the update please for the peekaboo bunny. My name is [edited], i purchased design on 1st feb 2015 with paypal transaction no. [edited]. I am sorry i cant remember if it was through your website or etsy. Many thanks

    1. Please send this information through the Contact Us button. To work through the hundreds of requests, I need to have them all in one place. Thank you!

  2. I wish to buy the peekaboo designs and i wish to know if the designs are available for the Bernina Artista 200 as I don’t see it on the embroidery machines list. Thank you Lynette

    1. Hi Lynette, some of the files include ART. I am able to convert others if needed.

  3. Cute story – had a neighbor that had a grandson living with her at the time – He was about 3 then, I would make one and take it across the street to him to test it to see if he could turn it – he thought that was the most important job in the world. Of course I would always make him one as a thank you. Love the peekaboos.

    1. That is absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for sharing that. I love hearing about what happens after the designs make it out into the world.

  4. Hi,
    I have just purchased a couple of your gorgeous peekaboo files, is there any you tube videos on them or videos anywhere showing each step? If no is there a chance of you doing one for all of us?

    Can’t wait to create one soon

    1. Hi Sandy, One of my customers made this video of how she made Peekaboo Koala. They all go together the same way, so it should help.

  5. how much does everyone sell these for?

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